Undying faith

As the years pass by I am more and more convinced that we have all been put here on this planet for a reason by an infinite Creator. We are all put here to play some small, but necessary role in a grand performance, a performance called life. Unfortunately, we are not capable of seeing the big picture, but must rely on faith and faith alone to believe that our part in the performance is essential. This is life. I am happy that unlike so many of my friends, who believe in nothing except themselves, or in acquiring more things, that I have my illogical faith to rely on. Many of my friends believe that there is no Creator and therefore there is no necessity to believe in anything, but the moment.

I often wonder how it is that people come to see themselves as the ultimate creation in the universe while denying the existence of a Creator or how they come to see their own existence and that of humanity as mere fortuity in a universe filled with mysteries. What baffles me about these ideas is that if one believes that humans are the ultimate creation in the universe, doesn't it necessarily follow that one must acknowledge the existence of a Creator?

If, on the other hand that one believes that all life on Earth has come into being by mere chance, someone, please, tell me how it is possible that there is so much warmth, happiness, love, joy, sadness, hatred and the entire panoply of emotions within the human heart? Why don't flowers, birds, dogs or cats feel what we feel? I know the answer to this question already… .at least the answer that is right for me… we are God's children. We have been put here, each and every one of us to fulfill some grand purpose that He wants us to accomplish. Why? Your guess is as good as mine! We often deny Him and turn our backs on Him because we fail to remember that He has a purpose for us, so we stop looking for it.

When we humans see great tragedies befall us or those around us, one can often hear the sarcastic remarks in many languages that God doesn't exist. People often asked how could a good God, a kind God allow His children to suffer. I don't have the answers to these questions any more than you do, but to my mind there must be some greater purpose which simply eludes our ability to comprehend. Who are we to say that suffering serves no use?

Perhaps, it does. Perhaps, it is meant to strengthen the soul and to steel the spirit against the many big and small problems we face in life. When we ask questions such as why God would take from the world this person or that person in such a manner or at such a time, aren't we simply engaging in an exercise in futility? If we were God, we would know the answers to these kinds of questions before the questions were even asked, but we are not God. We are in truth small creatures with limited abilities that must rely on faith to help us get through life's adversities. 

An individual's faith, however, does not rely on organized religion. In fact, all religions that I have ever heard about seem to be rather exclusive organizations. To varying degrees each religion says that if you are one of us then God loves you, but if you are not one of us then you are on the wrong team… the losing team.

Faith is the ability to believe in something that lies beyond one's five perceptive senses. Faith inspires hope and hope burns bright the fire of life. Faith is what sustains us on the coldest day and in the darkest hour. Faith is that which inspires us to go on when we feel that all is lost and no one cares. Faith is that which brings joy to the heart's of people who lie on their death beds as they ready to make their imminent voyage into Eternity. Faith is that which sustains those who are left behind once their loved one departs on that voyage into the Ages.

Without some kind of faith in something or someone greater and more omnipotent than ourselves, we lead meaningless and empty lives. We are not dogs, cats, tress or bugs. We are God's most glorious creation and all we need do is remember that. Always keeping that in mind, we will never forget to believe in Him. He is here, there and everywhere. If you are His friend now, perhaps He will be your friend tomorrow. If, however, you forget Him in this life, He'll forget you in the next. I'm not trying to preach here, but I just want to give you something to think about.

Why is it that so many of us in life forget God until we need Him most? Why is it easier for many of us to say, “Goddamn it” instead of “God love it or God keep it”? Why is it that only when we face the greatest of trials in our lives or the darkest of hours that we fall to our knees and beseech Him to hear us, to comfort us and to save us. Why are we such superficial creatures that we can't celebrate and rejoice in our faith everyday? I don't know the answer to this. We fancy ourselves such sophisticated beings, but in reality we aren't endowed with quite as much wisdom as we think we are. We are small and God is large and that is just the way things are. 

I am sure that I will get a fair share of mail telling me that I'm full of crap and that I ought to keep my beliefs to myself. I'm sure a few will misapprehend what I am saying and tell me that no one gives a damn about my religious view, but what they don't see is that I am not advocating religion at all. Religion enslaves. It does not set anyone free. The only thing, in my humble view, that sets us truly free is a deep and unyielding belief in our Creator. Each of us will have our own views in this regard and none amongst us has any right to impose upon anyone else our views and beliefs or to coerce another into abandoning their own beliefs.

God hears each of us as we call Him in our own way. Your way is not better than mine and mine is not better than yours. What works for you, works for you and what works for me, works for me. The important thing is not that we may do things a little differently, but that we both have something to believe in. That's it. Faith is the key to happiness… money helps… but faith is the key. A rich man with no faith knows for sure that all his money cannot secure him a place in the next world, but a poor man with faith has an unshakable belief and a joyous heart that the next world will be wonderful.

I was thinking of my dear grandfather a few days ago. He was a poor man with little education, but he was a kind and loving man. He would give the shirt off his back to a stranger in need. About thirty years ago, I sat beside his bed as death drew near to him. He was sick, but he was smiling and happy. He wasn't merely happy. He was overjoyed. He did not fear death at all. I fought as hard as I could to keep from crying as I sat next to my grandfather's bed and he comforted me. He looked at me and said don't cry, I am about to meet my sweet love, your grandmother again.

In a little while I will see my mother and father again and I am waiting to sit with my dear grandfather again, just as you are sitting here with me. I asked my grandfather if he was scared to die and he said no. He said he could hardly wait to pass through that door. We spent many hours that day talking about things we had done together over the years. He told me how much he loved me and that I had been a terrific grandson. He filled my heart with enough happiness that day to last a lifetime and then that night he finally passed through the door he so patiently waited to walk through.

I have found out recently that I too, may very well be walking through that same door sooner rather than later. I never thought much about dying before, but it is the one thing I a have always known that I couldn't avoid forever. I hope my faith is as strong as my dear grandfather's was. While I would rather stay around here awhile longer if I could, I know that my grandfather will be waiting for me on the other side when my time comes and that makes me a little less afraid. I only wish I knew what to say to those that I love to console them. I don't want them to cry for me… not one tear.

I want them to have such a deep and wondrous faith that it will permit them to feel only joy for me once I take my walk into Eternity. I want them to know that no matter what I will be waiting for them at the very moment that they walk through that door, especially my one special and only love from Abadan. I will greet each of them and rejoice in our reunion when that time comes for each and every one of them. Like my grandfather told me so long ago, death isn't a time for tears, but a time of joy and happiness. This is what I want for those I will leave behind.

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