Black Ops target Iran

They are the resort of a desperate power and can hit where it hurts the most. They have also gone on in Iran and Central and Western Asia for a long time. Black Ops, the method of covertly going after a target, and the method of using your forces designed to do one thing for another purpose, a method that embodies all the very worst qualities of the Asian soul. No matter how it happens like pain and smut, you know it when you see and experience it.

Right now Iran has been and is on the receiving end of Black Ops, be it from America, Israel, resistance groups, etc. with many conflicting agendas. All these Black Ops have one thing in common, they hurt Iranians everywhere, and not just in Iran, but Afghanistan, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Israel, France, America, in short around the whole world.

If I were to go into the history of Black Ops conducted throughout history in Iran, be it the followers of Hasan Sabah, the mission of Caterina Zeno, the Sherely Brother's mission to Shah Abbas, or how Sven Hedin and Naser-ed-Din Shah's dentist Dr. Hybennet robbed Zoroastrian tombs to analyze decomposition to kill Naser-ed-Din Shah or other shady parts in Iranian history, would take up an entire book. So here I am focusing on the more recent and harmful Black Ops against Iran.

With the phony war on terror going on one thing has been understood by the American government. That is any invasion of Iran is not likely to be successful. Therefore other means would be required. Those means, Black Ops. The American Government in power already has a long history of conducting Black Ops in Central and Western Asia. Consider how Prescott Bush used his business connections with Harriman's during World War II to funnel cash to Nazi Germany.

Or how George H. W. Bush used his Zapata Oil company as a front for the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. Or how American and British forces staged an attack from Carrier Aircraft on June 5, 1967 on Egyptian Airfields to allow Israeli forces an easy victory in what would become the Six day war then allowed the USS Liberty to be attacked to cover up what was going on

Or how NATO deputy Commander General Huyser went into Iran in January 1979 to persuade Iranian troops to switch their loyalties over to Khomeini against the orders of his commanding officer General Haig. Or how Dick Cheney would use his connections with Halliburton to act as an information pipeline to manipulate Saddam Hussein in two wars. In other words, methods of taking action that could be denied by the plausibility of the circumstances in which they were carried out.

With things not going good for American forces in Afghanistan and Iraq and aggressive intentions towards Iran, clear Black Ops are the means of choice for achieving American aims in Central and Western Asia. This has been carried out methodically and with clear objectives.

Take Georgia for example. With Shevardnadze as President the American government knew that Georgia would not allow American forces to use it's territory as a staging ground for an invasion. They also knew of domestic unrest in Georgia against the government there. So in 2003 the CIA sends in Serbian revolutionaries who helped oust Milosevic to help Georgian insurgents oust Shevardnadze.

With Shevardnadze out. Georgian elections are manipulated so that someone who is more pliant is put in place who can be persuaded to allow American troops in Georgia. In other words, by giving aid to opposition groups through groups not part of the American government to achieve the aims of the American government.

We have been seeing the same thing in Iran over the past few years. People saw how the American Red Cross was so eager to lend aid after the Bam earthquake. What most people didn't realize was that Israeli forces had flooded underground caverns in the Bam region then set of a moab explosive to create the Bam earthquake. That way the American Red Cross, an American Non-Governmental Organization, could go into Iran to gather intelligence under the pretext of bringing humanitarian aid.

The Tudeh party, which has been receiving covert assistance from the American government, was also vocal about bringing the ARC in. Fortunately, wiser heads prevailed and the ARC did not send aid and Iranian groups in America managed to send aid to Iran without the assistance of the American government. Then there was the continual pressure on Iran to stop it's nuclear programs through pressure in the United Nations and the European Union. Not to mention American interference with Iranian mediation in the Kashmir conflict. Luckily, these powers are beginning to realize that America's government is not very trustworthy.

That still didn't prevent the American government putting pressure on the ThyssenKrupp corporation in 2004 to cut business with Iran, considering that ThyssenKrupp's weapons are more popular worldwide than American weapons and that ThyssenKrupp could have given Iran the capability to produce it's modern Navy domestically and would have created many jobs for Iranians.

Then in April 2005 President Bush announced he would offer three million dollars appropriated from congress to fund groups in Iran that were resisting the Islamic regime and the State Department announced that it would openly assist groups that opposed the Islamic regime. How these groups responded remains in the dark.

What has also remained in the dark is that in April many groups backed by the American government began shutting down Iranian web sites of groups that opposed American government actions and provided materials to groups that opposed the American government and this has continued to occur. Many sites targeted involved were those that exposed how to counter American special forces working inside Iran to pave the way for an American invasion.

Iranian press groups have been intimidated as well by American backed groups. American backed groups also manipulated protesters in Lebanon to encourage Syria to pull out of Lebanon against the wishes of Syrian people after Iranian military equipment was found in use, including drones which flew over Israeli targets without being intercepted, by paying people to protest and manipulating the media.

Also beginning on April 19 and lasting to May 14 2005 the American Navy conducted missile tests on the decommissioned USS America after it had been revealed that Iran's military was testing it's missiles to see the effect they would have on targets. The Navy's official story is that the tests were to aid the building of the carriers starting with the USS George H. W. Bush.

But it is obvious at this time that the real purpose is to see how Iranian missiles, specifically a Shahab-3, can sink even a Nimitz class carrier and affect American Naval forces, remembering how Iraqi forces managed to damage American warships during the Iran-Iraq war and first Gulf war. This test also occurred at a time when American forces are rethinking their tactics and beginning to deploy new weapons.

To be considered is also the June 2005 elections in Iran. Who will win is not relevant. How the American government will react to the new Iranian president and Majlis is. With American forces occupying Afghanistan and Iraq and embroiling Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan in internal conflicts, it is clear some action against Iran is forthcoming.

If you doubt this consider how Ahmed Chalabi is now the Oil Minister of Iraq and the American government has put pressure on Jordan not to extradite him. Or how American special forces used intimidation on the new Afghan government when Afghan President Karzai demanded less American troops in Afghanistan.

It is easily forgotten that American special forces were in Central Asia in 2001 under various “assignments” and were sent into Afghanistan immediately after the 9/11 attacks. These same special forces had used their time in Central Asia to recon the land to find suitable places for American military bases.

The countries selected, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, would soon experience growing unrest against their governments and the Uzbek government would experience greater unrest, as the American backed uprising in Kyrgyzstan would show in 2005.

Notice all in nations which can be used as a staging ground for invasion of Iran. Consider also why American trained moles like are in the service of the Iranian government and their presence is making it harder for Iran to defend itself. Or how American backed groups, NGO and companies like Halliburton continue to do business in Iran.

How does one spot Black Ops as they happen? By the actions and results of the people who carry them out. One must understand the objective of the person carrying out the Black Op to recognize the actions. Secrecy and deception are trademarks of those who carry out Black Ops so forcing their actions out into the open is paramount to stopping them since these people do not want their actions known. By knowing their actions and taking the right action can we stop Black Ops used against us.


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