M.T. Maan, Nili Square

Each lonely broken-hearted night
I sit and gaze upon the sea
And think of my love faraway
In Nili Square I long to be

I do my best to hide this ache
No mortal eyes see my regret
But when the new dawn breaks each morn
Again I find my pillow wet

T'was the sixth of June two year ago
So tenderly she touched my heart
With a sweetness that I'd never known
How I've loved her since the very start

This boundless sorrow which fills me now
For the most loving lady I ever knew
What hope have I for my shattered heart
Since for broken hearts there is no glue

I think of her while wide-awake
I see her when I'm dreaming
I know as long as my heart beats
This life will have no meaning

Though fate has deemed our lives apart
I pray her life is long and sweet
From here I'll count my endless nights
And live my life so incomplete

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