The mouse that roared

The prudent takes no poison even if he possesses the antidote.

There's a Lebanese saying; “the mountain roared and delivered a mouse!” Ahmadinejad roared and delivered a mouse of a threat that has hurt Iran more than anyone else. None better definition exists for a phyricc victory. It makes look Israel like a sweetheart and gorgeous country being threatened by medieval unkempt revolutionaries. That is regrettably the first image one gets of 'President Ahmadinejad.' Iranian Foreign Ministry has already distanced Iran mainstream from President Ahmadinejad bravados on 'wiping' out of Israel. But soon after Foreign Ministry denial of viciousness of his statements he reiterated them once again without remorse or embarrassment. I wish someone gives him some sage counsel that the prudent takes no poison even if he possesses the antidote.

Living in Iran today is like dancing with the wolves; the present leadership of Iran is ready to tear apart its own nation like a wolf. Wolves are ferocious animals long on tearing apart but short on intelligence. Iran unfortunately is being given a raw deal by a bunch of wolves who like a blood thirsty pied piper leading innocents to the path of self-destruction. The entire Iranian nation has to stand up and condemn this because the sufferers will be poor Iranians within the motherland.

Who in their right mind would challenge an established nuclear power like Israel for annihilation and instead of retracting it repeat it as a wholesome voice of the Iranian nation? To accuse the Iranian nation of such an error of judgment is a colossal immoral lunacy. Why someone in his right mind would expose his nation to 'legitimate' attacks by another nation so as to protect their right to exist? This is the most astonishing and idiocy of highest order. A nuclear Pakistan is going all out under a military ruler to pacify Israel, while on the other hand a non nuclear Iran is challenging a nuclear Israel and threatening its very existence. If there was a Nobel Prize constituted for the most 'dim-witted remark of the century' President Ahmadinejad is the true recipient and should receive one hands down.

Challenging Israel existence for issues which have nothing to do with Iranian nation is gross insanity. Nations respect their vulnerabilities and keep their challenges only for occasions when their own existence is at stake. A good leadership steer their ship within the uneasy waters of global politics by being alive of their own nation's interests and fully aware of the opponent's ability to hurt their national interests. Assessment of danger and countering danger with proportionate reaction is the art of governance. The present threat to wipe Israel out of face of this earth is inexcusable on these entire set of tests of good governance. To protect its subject from foreign savagery is duty of a just 'Prince' that basic sense of survival has been sacrificed on altar of Islamic concord. Even Palestinians for whom a war on Iran is being traded in have retracted from this kind of rhetoric from their current diplomacy. President Abbas has definitely shown a lot of restrain.

President Ahmadinejad statements are so tactless that they are not worthy of a commentary but for any political critic to overlook them would be a serious omission. There are three possibilities for his flare-up; the President may have desired to challenge the established clergy that has a total control of Iranian power and this is an opening salvo directed on the political quietism practised by Khamenei-Rafsanjani axis. This may be just a domestic political wrangling to put some live into a 'dying revolution.' One can spot the reasons why the President would make such an irresponsible statement this may be to gain popularity from the masses since “death to Israel” or 'America' as the case may be is unfortunately still the evergreen fashionable slogans of Islamic revolutions as demonstrated today. The 'Islamic revolution' is definitely served by slogans of hate and bigotry like 'murg bey Israel.'

Islamic revolution can only live in face of an enemy, if one does not exist one needs to be created. The longevity of the revolution depends on new 'blood' sacrifice its deteriorating foundations need recurrently. The second possibility that Mr. Ahmdeinejad made this statement in a set of mind of self annihilation, he probably has lost its intelligibility and following leaders, such as Saddam and Mullah Omar, who actively invited the death of their regimes to their doorstep. The third remaining option is that in his opinion 'offence is the best defence;' he is a nuclear hawk, a hawk on women rights, he is a revisionist on every moderation that has been brought to the streets of Tehran by Khatami and hence he believes that the only way Iran can survive is through attacking it's so-called presumed enemies. On all three accounts he is leading Iran towards a road of self-destruction.

This is an era of peace and economic supremacy instead of attending to the life of millions of Iranians who really need Iran to be led into this century in a dignified manner; he is barking up on the wrong trees. In this age of remote control wars, where technology has taken place of valour, a blind targeted missile that lands with bull's eye accuracy in the heart of enemy installation, buying enemy off the shelve is a trait that only likes of Saddam, Mullah Omar and militant Islamist has shown a great eye for. Making a call of annihilation he is asking for pulverization of his own nuclear assets a repeat of Osirak. I hope someone should have reminded Mr. President how Israelis had put the atomic genie of Baghdad back into Saddams bottle. Iraq had built the Osirak nuclear facility near Baghdad with French assistance, before the reactor went “hot” so as not to endanger the surrounding community.

“The alternative is our destruction.” were the words of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief–of–Staff, Lt. Gen. Rafael (Raful) Eitan than. Today, President Ahmadinejad has raised the stakes in this verbal war with his recklessness; he has provided comparable reasoning today to a new set of aircrews from the cream of the Israel Air Force's (IAF) fighter corps. Why to compromise national interests of his own nation for sake of those who have never missed any opportunity to miss an opportunity.

This jingoistic jargon is akin to exposing the great Iranian nation to new-fangled dangers, why to add new enemies as though Iran does not have its own populace totally incarcerated and exasperated. It looks like he represents the rejectionist clergy extremists even on right of Khamenei, even Hashim Rafsanjani do not want to have anything to do with him. He may be history with his statements, he definitely wants to become the new 'Ayatollah' Khomeini reincarnated and dislodge his mentor Khamenei power to remove him. An ordinary bloke who has captured the Presidency in most unimaginative manner can only stick to it by creating parallel power.

Long on 'Jihad' and short on achievements sells well on Islamic streets, this is a direct attack on the so far inert 'Council of Guardians' and attack on the supreme leader of Iran. This an effort from street to control the hearts and minds of Iran by a President, he does not want to be a lame duck President like Khatami waiting for the morsels of feed from higher ups. He wants to emanate authority and challenge the entrenched masters by using their own agenda of a new counter revolution bloodier and uglier than one before. The new revolution focuses on find a new enemy, craft an enemy and bring a war upon people so that a new battle of Islam versus Zionism can be reinvigorated.

Today's hundreds of thousands demonstrating in Iran in favour of annihilation of Israel is a challenge to Rafsanjani and Khomeini policy of avoiding hot conflicts. This however, clearly indicates a new rupture within Clergy. He will be deposed by the clergy; the clergy wants its cake and eat it as well. He is creating a new populist division, devouring clergy of its one-upmanship of Islamic revolution and its core slogan of destruction of Israel. This mantle cannot be handed over to anyone else but the hard core clergy. The mullahs in Qom worried from two prong attacks one from Najaf seminary other from their own President will have to deal with new divisions with little more sensitivity.

How dare corporeal authority like that of a 'President' talk about purge of a sovereign nation in name of Iranian nation? In present day diabolical regime of puppets such a 'idiotic and stupid statements' could so far can only come from no less than person than Ayatollah Khamenei himself. If Khamenei distances himself from him gradually, this is the end of Ahmdeinejad, if the president is allowed to continue on this line, this will be end of Iran as a stable country.

Why anyone in his right mind would expose Iran to such brutal multifaceted retribution from entire international community. Iran and Iranians deserve better, they are creator of civilizations, this country has been overtaken by clerical thugs who want to put Iran on to a game of chicken, two heavy duty trucks hurtling down towards each other challenging each one to deviate, the one who does first is a chicken, weaker nations with in-house convulsions such as Iran some time can only survive if they are 'chicken' the real issue of Iran is prosperity of its proud, and worthy people.

Iran wants no new wars and has paid enough of sacrifices already to the whims of Ayatollah Khomeini. Iranian mothers do not deliver children to be sacrificial lambs for jingoistic clergy who would offer them heavenly keys in their necks and send them in human waves with one way ticket to death. Saving motherland from aggressors was one thing but inviting rage of nations is quite another, no more innocent blood should be shed on whims of a dimwit President.

The last thing Iran wants is to engage in game of 'chicken' or one-upmanship on global amphitheatre. In this round one of the salvo of the President, Iran has created new enemies, its nuclear installations have now become a legitimate target and no one but only a blood enemy of Iran could go buy enemies off the street. Loose tongues can create enemies but a loose wagging tongue of a President makes enemies of a nation, Iran as nation cannot be held ransom to such casual remarks of an irresponsible President. I hope if their is an ounce of intelligence in collective heads of Rafsanjani and Khamenei they will stop this disaster becoming a full fledge threat to Iran, Iran needs friends and the last thing Iran needs is cruise missiles being fired from deep silos to take out its defence and economy.

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