Thou shalt not kill

You wrote:

[The United States does not now nor has it ever had any intention of using Nuclear Weapons against anyone unless we are attacked first.]

Actually, that is one of the “options” our President has on the table and will use if deemed necessary. We're talking about American national interest and security; our government will do whatever it needs to do in order to deal with real or perceived security risks. We don't care about any other country but our own.

You wrote:

[We used them on Japan in 1945 only because that was the only way to stop an arrogant, overbearing vicious enemy who deliberately attacked us at Pearl Harbor and thereby sealed their own fate and brought about their own demise. The use of the two Bombs on Japan saved millions of lives, including Japanese even though thousands were lost. Had the Japanese not tried to viciously invade and barbarically violate the citizens of the nations upon whom they forced themselves, they would never have been attacked.]

If you knew anything about American sentiment to WWII during that era you would know that Americans did not want to get involved. That being the case, our government ignored military intelligence that indicated an attack was imminent on Pearl Harbor in order for a chord to be struck with the American people that would allow for popular support of our involvement in WWII. Our government has done this more than once, that is why September 11, 2001 occurred; we again ignored military intelligence in order to have a reason to get involved with war.

You wrote:

[The same with the Muslim Radical Terroist [spelling error “Terrorist,” grammar error “sentence fragment”]. If they think they can win a victory over the world with their vicious and satanic led attacks on the innocence of the world, they have another think coming. Had they not attacked the US on 911, we would not be in Iran or Irag [spelling error “Iraq”] today. They have brought about their own demise. The ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH GOD will never allow the anti-christ [spelling error “antichrist”] of the Muslim world to be victorious in the end.]

1. We are not in Iran but we are in Iraq and Afghanistan.

2. Jews, Christians, and Muslims all believe in the same God. In fact, Christ is the most quoted prophet in the Koran.

3. Christ is the Prince of Peace and not a hellfire and damnation zealot. He has love for all including criminals and prostitutes, not just believers.

4. A peace loving God and His only Son would not condone any war; Christ firmly believed in turning the other cheek and forgave even the most atrocious around Him.

5. We attacked and killed off most of the natives in North and South America including Hawaii – that constitutes vicious acts of aggression towards innocent people.

You wrote:

[Look at your history of the world. Every nation who has ever fought against the true children of GOD, the Christians and the Jews have either ceased to exist or have lived in poverty and under a totalitarian dictatorship. GOD simply will not bless the nation that opposes his children.]

1. Recent scholarly work on the Old Testament has shown that there may have been improper copying and translation of the Bible in regards to the phrase “Chosen People of God.” In Hebrew, apparently, the spelling of the word “chosen” is extremely close to spelling for the word “cursed.” A slight of the hand, in fact, can make a difference in the spelling and hence it could be that they are the “Cursed people of God” due to poor handwriting or poor translation. This makes some sense as they have been the most persecuted people throughout history.

2. Maybe you should examine the history of Iran more closely; it was Cyrus the Great the great Iranian king that freed the Jews from tyranny in ancient Babylonia. It was Cyrus the Great who invented the first Bill of Rights for all peoples in his vast empire which included freedom of religion. A replica of the cylinder can be found at the UN in New York City. Cyrus the Great was referred to as the Messiah by Jews. In fact, before the creation of Israel Iran had the largest population of Jews and afterwards had the second largest population. Iran had Jewish rulers such as Queen Esther. Daniel is even buried there.

3. Japan, India, China, and the United Arab Emirates are all non-Christian countries and have done extremely well in terms of their respective economies. In fact, China’s success will dwarf that of the USA in less than twenty years.

4. All people are God’s children. God loves all. People are the root of evil and must choose (freewill) to fight against it to bring goodness and justice in its place or allow evil to prevail. This belief is from the religion of Cyrus the Great known as Zoroastrianism – “Say well, Do well, and Think well.” This is where the Golden Rule originates.

You wrote:

[But, if IRAN thinks that it can develop nuclear weapons and then turn around and use them to annihilate Israel and the United States, it better think again. We will not stand by and allow Israel to be attacked nor will we stand by and allow ourselves to be attacked and not retaliate. We have enough nuclear weapons in our arsenal to destroy the entire world 10 times over. If Iran attacks us or Israel with nuclear weapons, then we will annihilate her completely. Iran will just simply cease to exist so if their president needs to decide if he wants to live peaceably and co-exist with the rest of the world or be replaced by another nation.]

1. Iran is a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NNPT) with all additional clauses. They want nuclear power for energy purposes. Israel has something like 150 – 250 nuclear missiles and the USA many more. So even if Iran did have nuclear weapons they would not attack either of these countries because they already know that they would be destroyed with a retaliatory attack.

2. It should be noted that our government has not signed the additional NNPT clauses and neither has Israel.

3. India has signed NONE of the NNPT and our government just signed a nuclear energy cooperation deal with them. It is a funny story because we gave them nuclear technologies in exchange for mangoes, literally.

4. Iranians are not Arabs and have never attacked the USA. Even during the hostage crisis of 1979 they did not kill or maim any of their captives.

You wrote:

[And for that matter so does the entire Muslim world. Who do they think they are trying to claim that they are the only ones who have a right to live? All the problems around the world and the violence can be traced back to one or more Muslim organizations. They don't want peace. They never have. All they want is killing and violence. They love it. And as long as they love it, they'll get it and they will continue to come out on the short end of the stick.]

1. ALL of the problems can be linked to Islam? Really? So the countries and the people within them that our government exploits do not get upset at unfair treatment and poor trade practices? Did you know that during the Oil Embargo of the 70s gas was at $37.00 a barrel and until about 5 years ago did not start going up in value? We kept the price of oil artificially low, in fact if we had not it would probably be somewhere between $100 – $150 dollars a barrel today. I am not complaining about the benefits we receive because of our pursuit of national interest but I can understand why some countries are pissed off at us for being so unfair. Do not forget about Africa and the diamond trade, they hate our guts too and most of them are not Muslim, same for Southeast Asia and textile manufacturing, Latin America and cheap labor as well as the drug trade, Native Americans and the reservations, etc.

2. Those people do not love violence but have not been shown a different way. They are brainwashed and misled which allows them to do those horrible things. Impoverished and uneducated people are the bread and butter members of all hate groups. We have the same thing here with our Neo-Nazis, the KKK, and other hate groups.

3. Again do not forget your history; the Muslims won almost every single crusade against them. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

You wrote:

[Christ Jesus will return soon as King of King [incorrect phrase “King of Kings”] and Lord of Lords and every knee, every Knee will bow to him and serve him. He will bring an end to war and violence and terrorism. And he will bring an end to the Anti-Chritian [spelling error “Anti-Christian”], Anti-Jewish, Anti-Godliness that now prevails around the world. He will rule the world with an iron scepter and there will be true and ever lasting peace. If the Muslim world wants to be a part of it, they better begin repenting of their sinful ways.]

1. It’s funny how you defend the Jews as being the Children of God. Technically speaking the Jews all turned their backs to Christ which is why they are still Jewish. Only the Jews that became Christian are the Children of God. You and I believe that Christ is the Messiah therefore we are Christian. Jews who are still Jews obviously rejected the words and teachings of Christ and have therefore turned their back on THE Messiah. These Jews are the Pharisees, in fact modern day Judaism is DIRECTLY descended from the Pharisees. By the way, Muslims believe in Christ, unlike the Jews.

2. Jesus loves and accepts all. He will not rule with an Iron Scepter but will rule with love, compassion, and understanding. If you have two children and one hurts the other you do not kill the child that caused the pain but try to teach them a different way though the love that God has shown us. The same thing should apply to all of the people that hurt us. That is the way of our Christ.

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