Khak (XAK) is a world music band from Iran, based in Germany… … It revolves around the singer, songwriter and guitarist Shahriar Khatam but as per Shahriar: Khak (XAK) is not a person or property. Khak (XAK) is a movement! Shahriar was born in Ahvaz (Iran's south province) on January 28, 1964 (08, Bahman, 1342). What does Khak mean? Khak is a Persian word and has a number of meanings such as: dirt, dust, earth, ground, soil, territory. When we chose the name, we had “soil” in mind but also a number of properties associated with the Persian word Khak such as purity and generosity >>>

Selections from “Bonbaste Andisheh

* Faragh
* Darvish
* Seday-e Shab
* Bon Bast-e Andisheh
* Ghorub-e Tanhaii
* Faryad
* Ta Be Kay
* Khak-e Iran
* Nacht
* Spiel
* Spieglein
* Schrei
* Yell


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January 22, 2003
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Khak, Iranian band in Germany

Vocals & Guitars: Shahriar Khatam
Bass: Konstantinos Kostis
Drums & Percussions: Khodayar Bahmani
Piano & Keyboard: Afshin Tahmasebi
Guest Guitar: Human

Sample songs

* Gharibeh
* Baaroon-e Nam Nam
* Cheh Misheh Kard
* Dalil-e Boodan
* Ghobaari az Gham


Purchase Khak CDs here

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