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Since ancient times, Azerbaijan was used to refer ONLY to Iranian Azerbaijan (Atropatene). What is now the Republic of Azerbaijan was called Arran (Albania) and Shirvan. The very name Azerbaijan means “protector of fire,” an ode to their Zoroastrian heritage.

Wall Street Journal, care to comment!?

Twitter feed video.Wall Street Journal, care to comment!?

F-16 and Su-30 aircrafts of Venezuelan Air Force accompany the second Iranian oil tanker the Forest

Dear Dr. Mossadegh,

It's 2020. Things are pretty bad here. A comedian named Maz Jobrani is signing open letters to the UN asking it to intervene in Iranian national sovereignty for the sake of Iranian national sovereignty. Please send help.

@Mohsen_Tavakol @arash_tehran A truly moronic action demonstrating they don't have a clue what the "deal" actually is nor do they seem to know what the UN does.

Out of touch and embarrassing. One wonders if Iran struck a comprehensive deal with a Western power today would they worry about sovereignty?

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Meet your Persian Love Today!