Story behind the pictures

This summer I took a one week vacation and went to Portugal. It's a country I really recommend. One of the places I visited was Obidos. It's a two-hour train ride north of Lisbon. It's a fortified medieval castle on top of a hill and within the fortress walls you find the little touristy town. The train station is outside the walls at the bottom of the hill.

When the train arrived at the station I was a bit confused because it was tiny — and closed. When I got out I couldn't see a city anywhere. Just a hill and the fortress. However, an old lady told me that the city is inside the fortress. Once I went up the hill, I found what I was looking for: a beautiful little town! I've placed a video of the pictures and videos I took while I was there on >>> Watch

While I was taking pictures, I asked a guy if he could take my picture so I can remmided myself that I have been to such a beautiful place. The guy turned out to be a Canadian painter called William. We became friends and talked about work in the high tech industry which is what he used to do and I still do!

Over dinner he told me that in the early 1970s he and a friend took a Land Rover and traveled all the way from London, thru Iran then Afghanistan into India down to Bangalore! Talk about balls! He said Iranians where very nice to him. Near Rasht, the Land Rover broke down and the villagers came and helped them.

The kids guarded the car while he went into town looking for parts. He also spoke about Afghanistan, saying that in retrospect it was a crazy thing to do, since Afghanistan was somewhat of a lawless place. When they slept on the roadside at night, locals told them that bandits could steal their car or simply kill them.

I asked William to send me pictures of the trip. The pictures are from slides. Anyway, he sent this one with him in it standing with the villagers near Rasht. Does he stand out in the picture?!


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