I have heard Zoli has a good body and shows some skin. It seems all eligible, non-eligible mid-aged Iranian guys hire her as their personal trainer. They all say good things about her and are trying very hard to convince any other woman that they go to her because she is verrry good. Not for the fact she is good looking! Hard to believe though since these guys never thought about personal trainers before and even when their wives were confronting them to lose a little bit of the belly fat, they would have said: “mard baayad 'del' daashte baashe!”

Now all of a sudden after receiving the exciting news from other guy friends about Zoliekha, all have decided to get in a better shape and rid of their belly jelly.

All said, I have no issue with them trying to enjoy the close company of a beautiful woman or get into better shape. The question here is for the parents who force their children to try hard and get a degree from engineering or a medical school. Here are the facts: Zoli charges $80 an hour and doesn't need to bother paying tax if she is paid in cash. All the guys with money/good jobs go to her and try to get her attention (she doesn't even need to try!)

There is a competition between guys to win her heart, even for the short time during work out! Oh, that precious hour. It's definitely worth 1000 times more!

Now compare this with a woman, similar age and beauty, somehow shy, perhaps a nerd type from an engineering school, who has not been much in contact with men to learn all she needs to learn about men! She has spent most of her life in school, working hard, going through the stress of exams and dealing with other nerds while Zoli has spent her time hanging out with guys at the gym, going out to night clubs and enjoying all sorts social events and partying.

Meanwhile our educated, hard working girl (EHWG), with all the accomplishments, gets about $34 an hour (what the heck, let's round it to $40), which is half the amount Zoli gets and pays about 30% of it in taxes. Our EHWG hasn't learned about guys and what turns them on or off, and doesn't know where to go to meet the most eligible guys in the city.

As proud parents, comparing two cases, do you think: Elm behtar ast yaa “body”?

It seems as a woman, if you are smart enough (not much, just enough!) and have a good body, using your experiences with men, you are able  to get any of them you want without trying hard. Why not teach kids to learn human nature and the “REAL” deal? “Facts” rather “Ideals”!? Forcing them to earn a degree in the areas which may not even attract them doesn't make them happy.

Perhaps being a personal trainer is a natural thing for Zoli and that's why she is so successful. Let the kids get degrees as “motrebs” if they want to enjoy life. Who knows where they may end up; perhaps the first Ideal Iranian or the next Zoleikha!


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