We will always love you

I read “Team Melli? Tokhme chapam.
published on your site, the other day. While I understand the
frustrations that is shared with all the fans of Team Melli, not in a
single day of my almost 50 years of life, I have referred to my beloved
Team Melli with such derogatory terms.

Team Melli
Iran through years have been so much a part of the Iranian life, both
outside and inside Iran that has become an official word in English
language. It has been a single source of uniting factor among all
political beliefs, and ethnic and religious backgrounds among Iranians.

one us see a part of us in those young kids who are taking on the
opponents on that beautiful grass field. We are so much devoted to them
that we forget always that there is also another side to the game, and
after all, it is just a game. It has a ball and it is a play! Just a
play! That does not get reduced because grown men are doing that. It is
a play!

I include this old photo of one of the first teams in Iranian soccer history.

The Tadayon Club, Champion of Tehran in 1937 >>> Photo
Front from right: Majzoob- Akhavan- Hossein GanjBakhsh
Middle Row from Right: Mazaheri, Samiei, Anis, Assar and Kashani
Back Row from right: Mehdi Nik-khoo, Alaghehmand, Akbar Ganjbakhsh, Boloorforoushan, and Ahmad GanjBakhsh

team existed long before many of us were born. We have a wonderful
history of soccer. We owe it to all these pioneers, to keep our
emotions in check and always just wish the best for whoever is lucky
enough to put those boots on.

Zendh Bad Team Melli Iran!

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