You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello!

Though I knew about for many years, it has been a home to me for over a year now, and Jahanshah Javid is my friend. I found this friendship and this home at an important time in my life, where as is typical of all transitions, I needed a friend and a home more than any other time in my life.

To those who don’t know him, the “Nothing Is Sacred” phrase might appear as just another slogan, a clich√©. If not for his big beautiful heart, his easy-going personality, and his generous devotion to anybody he knows, Jahanshah Javid must be respected and cherished as a cool Iranian who breathes, lives, and acts by those word, fully committed to the concept of tolerance and accepting all as they are, giving everyone a voice, qualities more Iranians should learn and practice. I should know, because more than once I have objected to him for some content on, and each time he has patiently repeated to me that he would publish what people have to say because nobody should be silenced. In the recent attacks on him for printing some troubled man’s cartoons, I see insults and even profanities sent his way. Though he doesn’t react, In my mind I can just imagine him putting a stoic face on (as best as that kind face can be turnd stoic), saying his favorite idiom: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

I am delighted for Jahanshah and the many years of hard work he has put into I love the new look and am extremely honored to be associated with his labor of love. All the best to him and to millions of Iranians who continue to benefit from this unique medium.

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