And God said, “Get a Decent Haircut!”

Now I could say something witty like “Iranian police give barbers the chop to enforce Islamic dress code”, or “Islamic Shave and a Haircut”, or “Shariah:1 Shears:0” or something with the word “Gel” in it. But nothing that funny comes to mind as news of the latest round of morality crackdowns took effect in Iran this past weekend. According to the , the police in Tehran have cracked down and closed several hair salons that catered to the extreme hair styles so popular among the sex-crazed, meth addicted, and STD ridden future of our country, these days.

I was surprised (at first) to hear of tattoo parlor-like salons that were part of the raids. But one should not be surprised at what news of sly back door modernity that comes out from Iran these days. Today’s Iran is a veritable pressure cooker of “trends”. Baking them in hot stewy juices of dissent and rejection. Testament to the failure of ANY religion’s attempts to achieve the slightest adherence to a moral code whose obsolescence and irrelevance is reflected in those same salon mirrors, leaving only oppression with a much needed trim. What a beautiful sight to see what is supposed to be so willingly accepted, so obviously right, so easily true, have to be so viciously crammed down our throats. God Bless All Hairstylists!

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