If you look like a wuss, we have good news for you!

Over at the comments section of our previous blog entry, Mr. Bahmani asks:

“Here’s a stereotype: Weak, wussy looking (Iranian) men, wearing clogs,
too much cologne, shirts with stripes, thin wispy
beards/moustaches/chest hair, tweazed eyebrows, greasy skin, channeling
Kamran and Hooman, driving cars they can’t afford without leasing,
apparently get the girl. All the girls. Anyone got a decent explanation
for that?”

I’m not sure I agree with all of his descriptions or with his conclusion. And how can any man with a mustache look weak?! Plus, who’re Kamran and Hooman?

My own personal stereotype of an Iranian man would definitely differentiate between East Coast (holla!) and West Coast (wassup?). Also, undoubtedly, there’s a big difference between the Iranian man of southern cali (clad in gold/platinum chains) and northern cali (with intellectual pretensions). Having said this, what unites them all in my personal stereotype is that I always expect Iranian men to be judgemental towards women. There is just something about them: Even the most supposedly open minded Iranian men cannot help himself from taking a look at usually an Iranian woman and saying something completely inappropriate that he and only he finds funny. (We’re doing generalizations here people…work with me!)

So your task is: a) Answer Mr. Bahmani’s question and even more importantly, b) what are YOUR stereotypes of Iranian men?

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