A Letter to Ray Takyeh….

Dear Dr. Ray Takyeh:

I have read your articles and watched you on The McLaughlin Group on PBS over the past several years. I know that you are an expert in the Middle-East politics specially Iran. However, I am baffled with your prescriptions and remedies when it comes to advising the US Government on its dealing with the mullahs!? Sir, it appears as though you want the mullahs to stay in power!?

Your last name, takyeh, in Persian/Arabic may mean a mosque-like place where the mourners gather around to beat themselves during the Imam Hossain’s Aashura anniversary!? As you may know Imam Hossain activities is a very lucrative business in Iran these days. Do you own any of these takyeh places in Iran and if so do you receive proceeds based on what the mullahs make on these places? Are you related to the mullahs? If not, then why in the world are you so soft on them?

If I were Ray Takyeh, tomorrow I would appear on the Fox News and make the following statements and recommendations:

1. A good mullah is a dead mullah, six feet under.

2. The Islamic Republic of Mullahs (NOT Iranian) is an evil regime.

3. Iran and Iranians are a civilized and peace-loving nation and they love America.

4. The IRGC’s, their supporters, and the rest of the thugs must be annihilated by US.

5. The regular Iranian Armed Forces will take over with the US support.

6. Iran will go back to its constitution prior to the 1979 with slight modification in case people want to vote for a different form of Government of course under a free referendum.

7. Free elections will be held and somebody will be elected under the sharp eye of the US-supported Iranian Armed Forces (very much like Turkey).

8. US will re-open its embassy in Iran and we will go back to the pre-1979 state of relationships and everything will be honky-dory.

Very respectfully.

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