Can our Iran ever become a happy and a peaceful global actor?

I am off writing my opera these days. Phantom of is preoccupied! The war machine is in motion again; this industry is like of vampire.

Questions on my mind flow like waves of ocean some pleasant and some brutal. It is on repeating mode at times. I share with you the most bothering one.

Can our Iran ever become a happy and a peaceful global actor?

Some have no hope for a better Iran. They consider tenants of Islam religion and backwardness of tribal Arab culture have infested our nation for too long. How do Iranians deal with it?

I hear the heart of the issue when it comes with dealing with the Arab invasion seems unequivocally a psychological one for Iranians.

I hear Iranians are too traumatized by Islam because of past and present events that they cannot move on without a proper national debate and discussion to bring closure for want of a better term, and indeed that closure may never be achieved.

I hear blatantly that issue of converting Iranians to religion of Islam by force of swords, terror, violence, rape, maiming, enslaving and possessing women, and taxing can never be addressed publicly in an open forum.

I hear a national reconciliation of sorts and open discussion about Islam is a national obligation.

I hear the issue of national Arab movement and being Iranian in that region must be clarified by all actors.

I hear acceptance of Iranian identity as a non-Islamist nation is a must.

I hear the Islamic colonization of mind and body endures to this date and has been a millionth time more devastating to our nation than any Western colonization ever could inflict upon a nation.

I hear this is so for every other generation or so we are doomed to have the same debate over and over again without it ever resolving itself.

I hear this is not a new debate, it is an unfinished one and perhaps one that cannot be finished until we have calmed our national madness.

I hear given the geopolitical position of the country, the foreign interference makes the job even more difficult, unfortunately.

Then, my brain gives me sign of exhaustion and probable harm if I do not stop. So, may be for my opera, I must come to a scene that shouting my lungs out for these issues is tolerable.

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