Opposition Groups based outside of Iran

I get a lot of heat for this so I’ll just state it in as many blunt and straight-forward terms as I can. First, this is based on currently opposition groups based outside of the US. There might be one which pops up which I support, but this is currently based upon those I’ve talked to and had involvement with. Second, I believe in human rights and the promotion of human rights. I believe that the Iranian government is dictatorial and tyrannical. I don’t believe it actually represents the wishes and wills of the Iranian people.

That being said, Iranian opposition groups in the US are self-serving, abusive, ignorant, and equally tyrannical. Many of them oppose the Iranian regime but use the same scare tactics to attack dissenters. Moreover, many of them seek to use the same tactics as the Iranian regime in order to acquire power, through violence and bloodshed. None of them are trustworthy and yet all of them attempt to get positions of trust into the US or other foreign powers. The information they give is often distorted or exaggerated. Many of them are very anti-Islamic and bigoted. Most if not all of them are completely out of touch with the Iranian people. Many of them hide racism in their alleged nationalism. Lastly, most of them are unsupported by Iranians outside of Iran. And while their ambitions are sometimes admirable, their tactics are brutal. I don’t support the opposition groups outside of Iran, because they tend to be no different than the Taliban…another opposition group which was not indigenous which only obtained power by manipulating a foreign entity. The only political change in Iran can come from within and not from without, including those Iranians who no longer live in Iran.

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