The clash of idiots

I just read this article only to realise how great opportunities are lost, no thanks to brains that have been totally obliterated by dogma. At the IAEA meeting today the Seyyed representative had the opportunity to say something half decent. At least, like those that preceded him over the past twenty years, he could have been wishy washy and uncomitted, and gone back to Qom. But no he has to get up and make a first class arse of himself.

But we in the Iranian Opposition, or for that matter, every Iranian with at least five years education, is not really surprised to see how the Seyyeds are sitting in the driving seat of one of the oldest nations of the world, and do not really know what to do. But they are only there because the people of Iran do not have any faith in civil disobedience. The Seyyed rulers know that as long as the people of Iran do not confront them with the idea of a General Strike, they can put Iran in harms way. They even think that by acting as brashly as they have they are being really cool. Yeah man, we are acting tough. We are so powerful that we can nuke the world. That is supposed to not only keep the Iranian proud, but help them bring their Mahdi back. Of course the Christians and Jews know very well what the Seyyed is thinking and respect it.

But to the Iranian whose Spirit run deeper than all religions, all these myths are a load of hog wash. We Iranians know that our culture is based on truths that do not put any nation in harms way. Now not many Iranians actually know this, but our very own Zend-Avesta has all we need to have the positive strong and peaceful attitude to change Iran without the need of other powers. We in Iran need the people to realise that we can find within us the power to unite along peace and free will that give us the choice to act with the alien or just plainly ignore him.

You probably do not know that you have that choice. But the fact is that you do. Your Life is in your hand. I know, you are thinking, “oh US this, and Mullah that”. Forget it. All we all need to do is to agree that we create our own choices and that with our Free Will no one, and I mean no one, with any religion or politics or whateva, can stop you. So do not fall for news comments like the one I have just spoken about. Just think that the Seyyeds are actually depending on you to fall for all that wool they are pulling over your eyes.

So what is the can do approach? Enough theory and history. We are all fed up of waiting for some international confrontation. Our destiny is in our own hands. Simply contest any Seyyed or foreigner that thinks they can control Iran, with the notion that they can do absolutely nothing if the people of Iran decide to switch off Iran. Yup simply put, the whole country is run by Iranains, not by Seyyeds or USA or Russians, or Chinese. Iranians run Iran. So Iranians can threaten to switch it off.

So if you are a newspaper person, or someone of high rank tell the enemies of Iran that they cannot do anything. But if you don’t tell anyone like I have told you, then the aliens will carry on the way they have. So bring up the conversation, and see them become dumb founded.

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