Why we are so F’ed up as a nation.

Like it or not, we are not Arabs. For the most part, we look different, we are smarter and our culture and heritage is infinitely richer than any culture in any Arab country. Hafez, Sadee, Abu-Ali Sina, Sheykh Bahai, Kourosh-e Kabir… fast forward to now; all the CEOs, VPs top scientists in high tech companies in the U.S. Shit, for that matter, there are more Iranian top doctors and dentists in LA alone than there are Arab professional in the entire U.S.

A big percentage of people in Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and even Iraq, dislike Iranians, call them “vahshi”. Some Arab governments cooperate with the U.S. and U.K. to destabilize Iran.

Us Iranians have been F’ed in the ass by Arabs for close to 1400 years and the F’ing continues. But for some reason our hatred for Jews (which is a result of brain washings done by our families when were kids) is significantly more than it is for Arabs. We blame everything on Israel. We site with Palestinians. The IRI pays bilions of dollars to the Palestinian causes each year.

We enjoy Ahmadinejad’s comments about the Jews and Holocaust and we sort of cheer him on as someone who is standing up to the U.S. & Israel.

Other than perhaps loving money a bit more than the rest of us and a passsion for dealing in real estate and jeweley, what did the Jews in Iran do that was THAT bad? Think about your Muslim friends. Have you had any back stabbing Muslim friends? Has a Muslim ever “kola saret gozashteh”?

I bet the answer is yes.

“Daramade saraneye” Iran is less than $6,000. $800 of this is from oil revenues, $220 is from natural gas and the rest is from other things.

To qualify as a developed nation, the GNP per capita should be over $13,000 Iran is far away from that. Iran’s economy is less than half of that of 12 states in the U.S. We have a lot of oil. But its not enough. Especially when 50% of oil revenue is stolen by the Islamic regime.

Do you really think the Iranian armed forces are a match for the U.S.?

I don’t doubt the bravery and readiness to sacrifice attitude of millions of young Iranians for a second. I believe they will put up a good fight if and when there is a war between Iran and any other country.

But at the end, U.S. is too much of a golliath for Iran. So, stop having these illusions of grandure. Instead of hating the U.S. and Israel and blaming them for all ills of Iran and the world, for a God damn minute focus on the real problem. Which is us; Iranians. The poster nation for A.D.D.

Our problem as a nation is: Lack of education, lack of unity, lack of focus, inordinant amount of pride and thoughts like we know everything and Islam. Of these, lack of unity is the biggest problem. Hell, have you ever gone to dinner with a group of Persians? We can’t even decide on where to go for dinner when there is more than 3 of us.

Two or three generations in Iran need to sacrifice all for the good of Iran. For its progress and nothing else. This is what 2 generations of Americans did in the 40s and 50s. Thats the generation known as the “greatest generation”. I hope one day we have a greatest generation in Iran.

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