United states of ……Iraq

The proposed map: http://www.etemaad.com/Released/86-07-07/1-99999iraq.jpg

US senate with a vote of 75-23 approved a plan to divide Iraq to three independent states under a central federal government in Baghdad charge of national security and distribution of oil income etc.

United States hopes the plan would reduce the existing tensions in Iraq. There is good chance that Sunni’s prefer this plan versus the current situation where the central government is under the majority Shia government which is under strong influnence of Iran. Considering that this would reduce the influence of Islamic regime in Iran who intends to create a similar Islamic Republic in Iraq, the Iranian government is anticipated to dissaprove the plan and call it a work of Zionist. Turkey is also not too comfortable with the plan as they are afraid of a potential independent Kurdistan.

The plan which still maintains the integrity of Iraq short of complete seperation is expected to reduce the current civil war among different parties and pave the way for reduction of US military presence.

Similar experience in former Yuguslavia and other regions has helped stop the civil wars. Iraq and many Arab states were initially formed by the British Empire. The tension among shia, sunni and kurds pre-existed the US invasion. Sunnis under dictatorship of Saddam controlled Shia and Kurds. Both populations were strongly abused by the central government with mass killings, chemical attacks etc. The vacuum of Saddams power allowed these differences to surface. Outside forces such as Islamic regime in Iran and AlQuada have tried to take to advantage of this division and vaccum to their own advantage. 

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