Scrutinizing Dr. Ahmadinejad’s WWII Statistics: While some of our dear compatriots feel sorry and spill crocodile like tears for our « petty dictator’s » reception at the Columbia University on grounds that university ethics and general hospitality were not respected when « Dr. » Ahmadinejad was coldly greeted by the University Chairman Lee Bollinger, I would simply like to remind them of the way some of our Iranian American Academicians and fellow journalists were greeted with an arbitrary arrest upon landing on the Iranian soil on unfounded charges of Espionage for the US government. Haleh Esfandiary, Parnaz Azima seem to have been more lucky than Zahra Kazemi a Canadian Photo Journalist who was killed under beatings in the cells of Evin Prison. As much as Mr. Lee Bollinger’s attitude was indeed unprofessional and amateurish it did however underline the major reasons for which Mr. Ahmadinejad Remains a controversial figure and most probably dangerous not to the Free World but to his own nation and future generations who will look back on his dubious philosophical and political legacy if any such legacy indeed should unhappily survive after his presidential term comes to an end at the next election as many political analysts seem to agree will be the case. Given that The Nazi crimes were clearly established after the Second World War in Europe more than 60 years ago at the ). Indeed “Dr.” President, As Far as I am concerned you are Still a Liar …

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