President Bush, What are you waiting for? Start bombing!?

Dear President Bush:

Iranian people have been patiently waiting for America under your leadership to take strong actions against the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic, their murderous thugs, and their mass murdering machinery. It’s the responsibility of the civilized world lead by America to stop these Islamo-barbaric

Dear Mr. President, what are you waiting for? Are you
waiting for a letter of invitation by the Monkeynejad the so-called president of the Islamic Republic of loony tunes to start the bombing campaign!? And, when you start bombing have no merci on these bastards! Flatten the mosques, the holly shrines, the IRGcs thugs, and anybody and everybody who is going to stand on your way. Show these SoB’s who is the boss!?

Sir, it is now or never! You are the only beacon, light house, and torch of hope for once and for all cleansing the earth from these barbaric Islamo-Cannibals. Please Mr. President, do it for humanity.

Very Respectfully,


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