Autumn Sonata

I greet the autumn
of blue I greet
the mantle of mist
that meanders through
dusky days
of waning lights

I greet clattering
nights and growling
winds that bring the town
as gift the sandy scent
of the gorge

I greet the red yellow
leaves that flutter
circle and fly
and the exhausted rose
soaked in the thoughts
of the rain

I greet my sister
who lives in tears
above the clouds
calling trees of flame
by name crowding me
to take a walk in
the weald I take a walk

I take a walk with my hair
down to soak up the scent
of the shrubs I take a walk
with my eyes closed to take
in the light experience
of the wind I take a walk

I take a walk with my hands
dreaming of a wild flower
I‚ll be lured to pick
along the gorge
at dawn

the path is paved
with love and longing
and on the path of blue
I greet those who‚ve lost
a loved one

and I run to the girl
whose turn of figure
resembles that of my sister
walking ahead like a flare
spreading seeds of love
for the crows.

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