American Mullahs: Christians United for Israel

Please watch these videos from the recent Bill Moyers documentary on the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) movement. These “fanatics” really rival anything that exist in Iranian clerics right now but unlike the Iranian fanatics, they have access to an enormous amount of fire power through their influence of the US Government. Ahmadinejad, a guy with no say in foreign policy may talk about wiping out Israel, but these people actually have the power to destroy the world.

Unfortunately, many of us in the Iranian diaspora are instinctually anti-Islamic and anti-Arab. In my opinion, this stems from a shallow adaptation of the former Monarchy’s modernism agenda. Hand-crafted by the CIA, it embarked on a wholesale importation of Western Orientalist attitudes and values, including the racism and the marginalization of the “other”, frequently the “traditional” which did not embrace the “modern.” To be considered human, one had to look, sound, act and think just like a European, otherwise, one was branded “backward”, “tazi” or any number of euphemism for a sub-human species to be abhorred and shunned by society.

The ethnic purism and rivalry in the middle east, be it “Christian/Muslim/Jew”, “Turk/Kurd”, “Persian/Arab”, “Sunni/Shia” and even “Secular/Religious” directly benefits the Western neo-colonial powers who just as in 400 years ago, continue to divide and conquer native peoples of the world and steal their resources. This is a long discussion which I’m sure I’ll be having with many of you on this site. But what I was really interested in pointing out is that our own anti-Arab and anti-Islamic attitudes that I, unfortunately see way too much in the Iranian community, is playing directly into the hands of these Western fanatics who are interested in the same demonetization for their own purposes which includes destroying Iran (just listen to them.) Let us not help the enemy destroy our own country by being complacent ideological foot soldiers for them. As you can see they don’t even respect the Jews and are using them to bring about their warped version of Armageddon.


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