World day against death penalty

Facts about death penalty:

  • 129 countries have abolished the death penalty in law or practice.  Only 25 countries actually carried out executions in 2006.
  • In 2006, 91% of all known executions took place in China , Iran , Iraq , Pakistan , Sudan and the USA .
  • In the Americas only the USA has carried out executions since 2003.
  • Europe is almost a death penalty free zone the exception of  Belarus.
  • In Africa only six states carried out executions in 2006.
  • There has been an an overall decline in the number of known executions in 2006:  (1591 executions compared to 2,148 in 2005).
  • China holds the highest record of executions
  • Iran holds the highest percentage of executions in comparison to its population
  • Iran holds the highest record of children executed since 1990
  • Iran  has the highest number of children facing execution (80) followed by Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Sudan (2 each-known)
  • List of countries and their official position on executions (Jan 1, 2007):
  • Death penalty world map: 

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