The tail wagging the dog

Ahmadinejad and his ilk are not interested in any negotiation, any compromise or any live-and-let-live final solution. They are determined to be the soldiers of Mahdi come-what-may. They have no problem with the total destruction of the world. They are headed for a life of eternal bliss in Allah’s paradise. They hardly care, even rejoice, if the rest of humanity is subjected to a tragic death in the nuclear, biological and chemical wasteland of planet earth.

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And the world, especially the Russians and Chinese deal with him. Why? Because he is giving the oil away. Are the Chinese happy to deal with such types? Do the Chinese want to responsible for paying him so much money? If the answer is yes, then China’s role in the UNSC has to be debated. The Chinese are basically bank rolling many many horrible regimes, and the West, especially GWB never mention it. And the reason for that is that the Chinese are the biggest buyers of US debt. So if you knock out the Seyyeds, you will also put the US economy at risk. A case of the tail wagging the dog. So how do stop that from happening? We Iranians in the Opposition need to have an Iran Government in Exile (IGIE). It needs to have the support of all the major corporations in the world, including the Chinese. These corporations need to swear an oath of allegiance to IGIE, that they would not deal with Seyyed Inquisition of Nations (SIN). At the moment the nearest thing to that are the two lists the UNSC has made of people and organizations, which are still able to travel and do business with SIN. So we have to have the UN clear the mess SIN has got Iran into, instead of doing it ourselves. That is why there is no IGIE. We think that once the UN has banned enough people and organizations, then everything will be honky dory. Wow how naïve is that? We need to be practical, clear and above board. The world needs to see an open clear government in exile. The internet can be a great tool for this, and we can have this IGIE represented there. People with contacts in the major corporations need to be represented at the IGIE website and be accounted for their activities in getting the support for a new Iran.

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