Fox News Distortion

If you want a better understanding of how “Fox News” actually distorts the news, specifically with reference to Iran, then you don’t need anymore evidence than this. , Fox News reported that Hashemi Rafsanjani stated the following: “Hitler Wanted to Rid World of Jews Because ‘They Were a Pain in the Neck.’” The article cites to a sermon translated by, an organization founded by a former Colonel of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). However, even the Memri translation of Rafsanjani’s speech never came close to how Fox News interpreted it. The sermon, which you can view here, simply stated that one of the reasons Hitler felt threatened by Jews was because of political Zionism. There is no reference, whatsoever, as Jews being a “pain in the neck” and that that was the reason why Hitler sought to have them eradicated.

This is the type of blatant mistranslation and mischaracterization of speeches which demonstrates Fox New’s actual agenda and why it truly is a tool of propaganda and far from being a vehicle from news. Ironically, if Fox News has anything in common, its with the National Socialist radio in Nazi Germany and RTLM during the Rwandan genocide.

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