What can we contribute to the west ?!!

First – I like to start by addressing those moslem fanatics Hezbollah friends out there. You and I – we have something in common my fellow backward human – we both want to fix humanity and the west !!! You did not know that did you ?! We have both detected problems in the west – but we share nothing in common thereafter. I can devise solutions to make things better – you are not capable of good. I either don’t care or mean it when I care….. You can’t care for nothing but you and yours. I mean the west well – you don’t. But let me assure you – I shall succeed, because I am part of the west. Yes I am a westerner, yet more easterner than you’ll ever be – and have what it takes to add something to the melting pot. You on the other hand – have no insight or talent for making or fixing things. You only multiply – and eliminate.   What do I have that you don’t – you ask ? Well I have “it” – and that “it” is what was handed to me by generations of great Persian men and women – who kept the “light” alive. What light you ask ? The light of love, grace, honor, honesty, kindness, integrity, tolerance, articulation, ingenuity, creativity, humor, laughter, joy, humanity, …………Do you have all of those in your homes or communities ? The rest of the world is looking at you. The west is hungry for culture, but one look at you and your bahvior – and they know you have nothing they want !!

 West does suffer from greed, manipulation, and many other diseases, but I have the will and the culture to fix it – and unlike you, my solution does not involve, elimination of those I dislike. And as for you my un-evolved idol-maker, pay attention – maybe you can lift your spirit – maybe you can use Erfan (“it”) to make the evolutionary human jump from “worshiper” to “wise”. Just know that many have made that transition from all races and nations – it’s not ethnical or racial – it’s cultural.

And as for you my western friends – It’s a jump no science or technology can accommodate. It takes “it” – and don’t look anywhere beyond your heart to find “it”. I just showed you the direction – all I can do now is hope that some of you will wonder about “it”. Good Luck.

Yet another Iranian Persian

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