All Iranians, I am with you

I am not sure how many Chinese are roaming at this site as I am and I hope many of you don’t mind so.

Yes, I am a Chinese but truly a Persian lover. I am very much found of her elegant history, profound culture, fine art, delicate cuisine, dulcet language, beautiful scenes and lovely people.

I was like most of non-Iranians believing Iran was the core of evil and Iranians were all terrorist. This image was led by the western media as there was no other access to get to know Iran till I met Vahid. Though this relationship was gone, but it hasn’t declined any of my admiration to Iran and other association.

I have been trying my best to reverse the wrong images people are having toward Iran and Iranians here.

Many of Iranians who are either in Iran or outside Iran having been working hard to preserve those old good one and reform the bad one. I just want to let all the Iranians know, I AM WITH YOU!!!


I want to dedicate this article to all my Iranian friends, especially wonderful Javad Mousavi and his pretty wife, Azadeh.

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