Afghan Child facing execution in Iran

Mohammad Ghos (son of Mohmmad Sharif) is an Afghan boy who is facing execution in Iran. Mohammad was arrested 7 months ago at the age of 17 in Iran and charged with smuggling narcotics. Mohammad was arrested in Havai circle of the city of Mashhad in Eastern part of Iran. He was charged with carrying 820 grams of crystal meth which he had swallowed before crossing the Iranian border with a false passport. Mohammad was from the village of Faghedan near the city of Harat in Afghanistan.

Mohammad was sentenced to death by a court in Mashad, Iran and he is presently kept in Vakilabad prison. Mohammad is anticipated to be executed soon at the age of 18.

There are many other Afghan Children who are imprisoned in Iran accused of smuggling crystal to Iran. The children are used by Afghan smugglers and provided the narcotics and false passports.

Afghanistan Parliament and government has objected to Iran’s violation of international convention by sentencing these children to execution by hanging. According to a report by BBC , two Afghan children have been executed this year by Iranian judiciary. No names or further information has been provided.


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