“Iranian of yesterday”!

I have few suggestions for our friend JJ on iranian.com! First I suggest that we name not only Iranian of the day but also “Iranian of the night” and possibly “Iranian of the afternoon” and so on and so forth. Of course since the nominees are among the best and brightest we should not dare to forget their memory and should keep their memory alive by remembering them as “Iranian of yesterday”, “Iranian of last Tuesday” and so on. On other suggestion I have is to replace the addition tests that one has to pass before entering a comment by a multiplication test! That way the quality of the comments will improve. Just imagine if we replace that addition test by some questions on Quantum mechanics!! Then we really are going to get the cream of the crop on this site! 🙂 One elaboration on that scheme would be to choose the test questions based on the subject. Lets say if some, how should I say, some “Iranian of the past” writes a note about some old flag or something like that we should choose as the test a history question so folks who have no clue about Iranian history refrain from commenting! 🙂 I hope we all can get along! 🙂 best…



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