Iranian women soar at the expense of Iranian men?!

I am certain you also have noticed that Iranian women within last few years have been handsomely rewarded by western societies at the expense of the Iranian men! Lets take a tally. Within last 5 years Iranian women have been awarded a Nobel prize, become nominated for Oscar, traveled to space as first female tourist and were runner up to miss universe among others! A recent example to a lesser degree was recognition of Christian Amanpour by Queen of England for her role as chief CNN international correspondent. This all is happening while their fellow male compatriots are being labeled as “terrorists”, being looked upon as suspicious, tasered in university campuses and discriminated against in western societies for most part. These are indisputable facts evident to any fair observer. Now this observation is not intended to create a controversy and bring about waves of criticism uncalled for. So let me preempt such misinterpretation of my view by saying for most part those who were awarded such honors and recognitions deserved it. That however can not hide the fact that west has not been fair in acknowledging the contributions of Iranian men to world culture and affairs and even worse has not provided an opportunity for them to do so if not raising hurdles in their path indeed. Lets me finish this by congratulating all the Iranian women for their achievements on the world scene. That is a pride that indeed all Iranians share. On a lighter note I’d like to speculate what could be the next achievement for them on horizon as it sure seems we have covered most categories up to now. Let me think…..hum… Can not think of anything now. That would be for another blog! 😉

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