Count down to Iran’s bombardment

NOTE: If you are going to write a reply va be jaddo abade man fohsh bekesheen, please read the whole piece before forming your opinion. I am not pro war nor pro Bush. Thank you!

The Bush administration is setting the stage, like clock work, for bombing Iran.

More and more accusations, baseless or not, and increasing media campaign for portrayal of Iran as the biggest threat to America and Americans is what reminds me of what happened with Iraq. The biggest problem (for us Iranians) is that 50-60% of Americans believe any bull crap they hear on TV.

There is no downside to bombing Iran for the G.W.’s administration, or for that matter the Republicans. History has shown that atleast initially, when there is impending or ongoing war or hostilities between the U.S. and any other nation, Amercians rally behind the White House and the flag. So, problem with Iran equates to more votes for the Republicans.

Bombardment generally makes for very good news. CNN, Fox and the rest would love nothing more than another mini war. 24 hour coverage means more biz for them. So, for all pratical purposes, they are on board already.

The same group of people who are profiting from the Iraq war will have a new source of very lucrative revenue. The “contractors” who get $150K a year will have longer job security.

Most importantly, G.W. doesn’t give a shit what happens after he leaves office. As long as he gets to kill off a few more Muslims and F up another middle eastern country.

If I had to wager a bet, I would say that the attack, in form of so called “surgical strikes” with missles, accompanied by very heavy cover from 3-4 naval carrier groups in the Pesian gulf will happen between February and April of next year.

I hope to be writing an apology blog piece come May of next year, telling everyone how wrong I was.

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