There May be WWIII

The Latest news On October 24, 2007 in US;

It seems as if the Iranian government is not worried, but everybody else is, everybody else believes that any battle with Iran would be on the scale of World War 3 Three as other nations became involved – Syria for sure, other Islamic nations as well? It depends on how well the leaders can hold their populations in check. But any such war with Iran is likely to result in an all bets are off situation and lead to American and against them war of the West against Islam. If this were to happen nations like Indonesia, Malaysia and others may be draw in whether they want to or not.

The Islamic government of Iran has announced to the world that it is better for fellow countrymen and fellow Muslims – men, women and children – to die buried under rubble and bomb than to be saved by a Jews or any American,

An Iranian said; “We love death more than the Jews and American love life.” And now, Iran announces that it is better for a Muslim to asphyxiate under the bomb than Iran is ready for any economic section by fasting and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is ready defend Islam nation and Iran are ready to die and martyrs.

How about Iranian/Persian people? Are they ready too? Iranian people like to believe platitudes such as “Deep down, all Iranian people are really the same,” “All Iranian people want peace,” and the great untruth of multiculturalism that no culture is morally superior to another. Iranian can not to face the truth about the like hatred that permeates the Arab-Muslim world and the consequent moral gulf that exists between it and west. It shatters too many of their illusions.

So, too, the immediate offer of peace to Iran should make the moral gulf between west and its enemies as clear as day. Despite the fact that Iran is the greatest backer of anti-Israel and anti-American and proudly to make fear of terror and despite the fact that Iran repeatedly declares nuclear war and that Israel must be annihilated (in other words, seeks a second Jewish Holocaust), But so many times Israeli Gov. offered to send its people to save every Iranian lives as soon as possible and American Gov. ready to defeated Iranian Gov. and help to save Iranian people no matter as long take.

The two reactions – Iran’s preference for Iranian in Iran shouting deaths to America and to Israeli and They are ready and seeking for state’s instinctive offer to help save Iranian lives – ought to be enough anyone needs to understand the source of the Middle East conflict.

But they won’t. Because those who are anti-nation “evenhanded” are not so because of the facts, but despite them.

Russia would be pleased to see a war beginning. Believe it or not the sound of the war drums can no longer be heard, every country has already picked up their own weapons and are prepared to fight. Do not forget you should be ready too; sooner or later it will happen.

After all Iranian Gov. have disregard to American & Israeli and this might turn to war III.

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