Happy Birthday Cyrus Reza Pahlavi

Happy Birthday Cyrus Reza Pahlavi,

You are responsible for keeping the Royal Institution of Iran alive and well. Many think that you are far too much of an idealist, and have moved slowly. You stand firm and educate all Iranians what their national and cultural duties are. You remind us regularly where the divide is between the alien Seyyeds, and the true Iranians. We all know that the Royal Institution is there to keep the politics and religious domains of Iran separated from the ancient culture of Iran. The national character of Iran is held in the Royal Institution, and you are the personification of that Institution. You gallantly defend non violent regime change. We will change Iran in a civilized way. We can warn the Seyyeds that they have no chance against a national strike. The Iranian nation loves Iran above all else, and will threaten aliens like Seyyeds with a General Strike at the appropriate time. Until that time, the Seyyeds will know that they can be paralyzed by the Iranian nation, if the nation decided not to run the country for them. We are all united in non violent regime change.

(I will ignore any rude comments, but will gladly reply civil ones. Please do not abuse your right to speak, it will be flagged).

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