Bomb is the Only Option

We should be honest with ourselves. The only way to confront the global arrogance is to come up with the bomb.

What else could guarantee peace and prosperity for Iranian people?

When I was 5, we moved to a new place and I soon became tormented by the neighborhood bully. He was older, street-wise and much stronger than I who had lived a sheltered life. Over the coming days and weeks, he hit, punched and wrestled me to the ground so many times that I learned never to leave the front door of my house. I remember standing by the doorsteps watching the other kids play, dreaming of the day that I could join in. Whenever I dared step into the street, the bully managed to swoop down and beat me to a pulp sending me home hurt and angry. We moved away by the time I was 8, and I made a vow to myself that I would exact my revenge some day.

By the time I reached 16, I had sprouted to become a confident young man who had both the mental and physical capacity to stand up for myself. And one day I did walk down the narrow streets of the old neighborhood to take my revenge. When I found the old bully standing by a brick wall where he used to torment me, he was no longer the menacing tough who put fear in my heart. He was nothing but a short, gaunt and pale loser looking unkempt and unrefined. I approached and stared into his eyes expecting for us to come to blows. But what happened next changed my life forever. Once he recognized me and sensed my determination, he turned and ran.

With Bush-Cheney axis of evil still running the White House of ill reputes and misadventures, what other choice could there be for Iran? This is a skillful bully who has world-class expertise at threatening and isolating other people. This is also a bully who has drawn blood. How many countries has the so-called peace loving USA attacked in the past 50 years? How many has Iran attacked? The only way to stop this bully is to have the determination and the will to stand up to its arrogance and hegemony. And the A-Bomb is the right answer. Just look at Pakistan and India’s experience in this respect. Once they had the bomb, the bully put its tail between its militaristic legs and pulled back into its own dark hole never to re-emerge. And that is the only solution for Iran also.

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