The Joys Of Skiing

Had been working in California, away from the snow, ice, and cold weather of Illinois.

Oh what a wonderful world, I had not missed any of it and had just learned where the Coast Highway was and had watched a large building slide down a hillside in Malibu hills.

It still was much better than the slush we had to walk through to go to the supermarket or the drive through.

I was working with a Swiss engineer who had moved with his wife to the southern California and were eager to see all, and find the exciting parts of their new home.

I was content to spend my nights at the fun places such as the disco, and topless bars.

Spent my weekends with friends from home on Holy wood and Sunset blvd.

I was not going to go close to the ice or snow.

I had it to my ears in Illinois.

My Swiss friends invited me to go with them to Mount Baldy, which is about a hundred miles east of LA.

My friend was an expert and skilled skier, but his wife was slightly pregnant and did not want to loose her developing baby.

We got into our cars and headed to the skiing area.

My buddy rented a pair of skies and headed toward the never never land.

I Sat with his wife in the ski resort are cafe, sipping hot chocolate.

She offered to teach me how to ski. At first, I was hesitant and she explained how easy it was for some one with a good teacher to learn to ski and enjoy the sport.

I went and rented a a pair of skies, and started my lesson with the snow plow.

My progress was very fast and my fear had disappeared.

I was now zooming down the hill and showing off.

As I was coming down a fast slop, I saw a bunch of pretty things in the latest ski-wear fashion.

They were socializing in the middle of my path.

My breaking capability was very limited, and my chances of hitting them was a great deal.

I decided to drop on the road and avoid hitting them and save myself from the embarrassment.

As I fell, my skies went into the ground , I was hanging from my skies.

Was it ever painful, I wish I had hit them and taught them the skiing etiquette’s which I did not know myself.

My ankle was swollen and had a hard time driving my car with a gearshift all the way home.

At home I had a great deal of pain and problems going up the steps and into my apartment,

I promised myself never to repeat the experience again.

I was lucky that I had only a sprain, not a broken leg.

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