And the winner is ?

In response to Bahmani’s article: Anonymity vs. Accountability

I want to congratulate the ID character “Goozaidam Beh Rishet” (aka GBR) and friends for winning the battle against Bahmani!! But before I explain why, I must add that I do agree with Bahmani that GBR & Co. do not really care about what Bahmani says or writes! After all as long as their preferred atmosphere of name calling, vulgarity and verbal chomagh takes precedence, they really have achieved their goal, no matter what Bahmani & friends write..

The verbal assassins among us already know that they have no logic nor do they care! What matters to them is to rule and that is only achievable in an atmosphere where no one is accountable for his/her actions, where they can resort to force, chomagh, character assassination and terrorism (real or cyber). Even the time, space and medium does not matter to them: Shah‘s monarchy? Islamic Republic? people’s democratic republic? or! All they have to do is to show up with their chomagh to bring Shah back and we “get used to it“, or to hit the Iranian student demonstrators in the head to keep Khomeini in power and we “get used to it” or to use the dirtiest words of Persian profanity -found in their chaleh-meydoon-pedia against us and we “ Iranian-dot-comers” not only “get used to it” but as Behamni did rush to exercise our newly found freedom of fohsh-pression .

That is why I congratulate GBR and friends, for winning the battle against Bahmani by making him assimilate their methodology! Who really cares about what Bahmani’s opposes to in writing , when in action he now does it himself?!! Because now when the two of them fight , it is almost difficult to distinguish who is who! If one does not look at their faces (ID’s) and only hears (reads) them , the two almost sound alike! Great achievement “Goozidam Beh Rishet”:

This time the one who is calling the other one “ASSHOLE coward “ , the one who dares the other to join him in the “back alley fight”, the one who subscribes to the “uncivilized, macho, and lowbrow“ “feel good mentality”, the one who picks up the “Sticks and stones “, the one who names the other “real ASSHOLE” and the one who tells the other “”Bring it on Motherfucker, Bring it ON!!!” is no longer BBR but it’s Bahmani himself …!

But Dear Bahmani, no worries! You are not the first ! There is a historic reason for the Iranian proverb that says : “ Khahi nashavi rosva , hamrang-e Jama’at sho”.

You see Bahmani Jaan! some wonder why Islamic Regime continues to hang people in public while it works against them in the international opinion ! Why don’t they just kill them in Evin prison away from everyone’s eyes without photos and cameras , like the regime before them did? Some others defend the act, thinking that execution of so called criminals in public teaches people morality .

What both of them miss is that the current dictatorship really does not care about the public opinion nor do they care to teach people any morality ! What really is important to them is the acceptance of violence by the “Iranian” society. What they really care about is how many of Iranians “crowd” gather to see the two 17 year old boys hanged at the execution site. What they care about is how many were glued to their TV monitors to see the violence and death first hand, to feel it, experience it, and to “get used to it”….. After all the Iran-Iraq war is over and Ashura is only once a year….

On the other hand in a free atmosphere, the same ones who use violence (physical or verbal) are the first ones who cry “censorship“ and “freedom of speech” when their abuse of freedom is not allowed. It is nothing new really! After all the same fire that one man kept lit, to keep his home warm was used by another to burn his home down to the ground (and with his family in it).

Fire is pure just as freedom of speech is, but how we use the fire of freedom is another story. …Bringing the fire home and achieving freedom of speech were/are not easy tasks, but maintaining and securing them is much more difficult and a whole different story beyond the patience of this blog!

Bahmani Jaan, keep the “feel good“ attitude, because you were not alone . Look at so many times in history including the one 30 years ago in our homeland where the “Goozidam beh Rishet” came out as winner!


David ET

Disclaimer: The characters in this blog were real although their ID’s may not have been. Any similarity to their ID’s were completly intentional. All Rights are not reserved. “Get used to it.”

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