Would you go back to Iran?

You’re living outside Iran, some of you for decades, some others have just stablished themselves here and there and some were born outside Iran. Regardless of why you or your families initially left Iran behind, regardless of your personal opinions about the situation in Iran, there’s one factor that we all share, and that’s we’re living outside Iran, either in Europe or North America or elsewhere. There must have been a reason why we left, as people do not leave everything behind and start a new life, just for the sake of it.

Now, for a moment imagine that the Islamic regime of Iran, that has been ruling it for the last three decades, collapses entirely, just as the previous regime did. With their collapse, many of the issues affecting civil liberties and freedom will dissapear, however the results of a damaged and unhealthy economy as well as the huge social gaps will somehow be present for the years to come as the transitional and following governments will try to handle this. On the other hand Iran would be the primary target of international investors as at a later stage tourism will be. There will definitely be cataclismic changes that will affect almost everyone living in the country, specially the private sector. The creation of employement as a result of heavy foreign investment and companies, will need young and skilled workers that the sofisticated and large Iranian middle class will definitely be able to provide. We cannot deny that those will be very promising and interesting times for our country and for all Iranians. But what about the large Iranian community abroad? What about those who have spent more than 30 years living outside Iran? Their children have blended in these societies, but wouldn’t a free Iran be so different to them? Without no harsh religious measures against our women and their freedom, would they go back? How would their return and presence affect Iran, in the long run?

What would you do?

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