New hopes for Ali Mahin-Torabi

According to an email sent by one of Ali Mahin-Torabi’s family members, although Ali was scheduled to be hanged along with 11 others who were recently executed, he was not taken with them for execution by the Iranian authorities.

Ali is accused of murder of another youth at the age of 16 however Ali has denied the charges.

In the email, one of Ali’s family members stated that the coroner has told Ali’s attorney that he will soon be provided with a document which could prove that the murder was not pre-meditated and possibly someone else was the cause. Ali’s family thanked their family friend Azarin Sadegh for her efforts to help save Ali Mahin-Torabi.

Azarin in response wrote : “I had goose bumps when I read your email with these great news. I couldn’t believe that it is really happening. But still I felt a kind of mix feeling. I feel a deep sense of relief and happiness because Ali seems to be safe now and I hope that he will see the end of this dark and long tunnel very soon. And at the same time the news about other 11 people executed is difficult to hear.
On another note, about your exaggeration of what I have done for Ali, I truly think it is overstatement. All I did was doing a little bit of web surfing and writing a bunch of emails and articles. The real job is done by these wonderful organizations:
StopChildExecutions and Amnesty International. You shouldn’t stop thanking them!”

Azarin recently wrote:

“Since a few weeks I have been trying to help Ali Mahin Torabi. The day I started this effort, I had no hope and Ali’s family was pretty certain that he had no real chance and it was already too late. So everyone was certain that he was going to get executed at the end of Ramadan. Yet, I wrote an article and I sent hundreds of emails.
The organization that responded first to my email was StopChildExecutions founded by Nazanin. Not only they sent their lawyer to help with Ali’s case (It is a fact confirmed by Ali’s family), but also they contacted Amnesty International. Later, I found the email address of a spokesman for Amnesty International and contacted him and he told me that they were already aware of his case (guess by who?) and they are working on making the case part of their Urgent Actions calls. Last week European Union and Amnesty International, both released letter and press releases addressed to Iranian government to urge them to save Ali’s life. There is a new petition to sign on Amnesty International site that is their campaign to save him by sending letters to Iranian authorities. …..Ali’s family was interviewed by Reuters and the report of his ordeal has been spread throughout internet.
Since that day Ali (who had already accepted to die young) has finally found some light in his heart and his mother feels less desperate. His family doesn’t stop sending me their prayers and their gratitude for all these organizations that worked so hard to make it happen,…”


Also in an email to SCE Azarin Sadegh wrote: “.Wow! It is great news! Thank you David, Thank you Nazanin!Last night I made a simple Google search on Ali’s name and the number of results found was 18,500! Isn’t it incredible? I remember the first time I did the same search before you have got involved in it, the number was just a two digits number. Thank you so much for your amazing efforts. I am sure Ali has a much better chance of survival now…… I am so impressed by your strength of character in pursuing the case for each of these kids . ….”



Nazanin Afshin-Jam and Stop Child Executions Campaign wish to THANK the following for your efforts to save Ali from the scheduled execution:

Azarin Sadegh, SCE volunteers and supporters,
Amnesty International and its supporters, European Union, International Committee Against Executions, Swedish Parliament members, and many
other bloggers and websites and 100’s of people who responded to ours and Amnesty International’s urgent pleas to write to Iranian authorities.

At the same time we would like to remind everyone
that although the scheduled execution was canceled, Ali Mahin-Torabi still remains at danger of execution until his case is reconsidered

Please sign the Amnesty International petition about Ali Mahin-Torabi




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