Feminists vs Hajiagha debate

I thought of having a debate between Haji and Feminists. I just want to encourage feminists to join and take Haji as a challenge. I think if feminists can lead Haji in the right direction, they can lead anyone to understand feminism. I can moderate if necessary (translate if necessary) and it may be an interesting debate. Hopefully it won’t be a bust. It’s worth trying and I hope you encourage your feminists friends, not even feminists your female friends to participate. It can also be humorous.

As you may know Haji’s job was to be humorous in Iran for Gol Agha newspaper and he has continued his sense of humor through his weekly cartoons and comments.

Haji has suggested for a volunteer to meet with him so others can see that he really respects women. I’m sure he is going to be respectful, funny and been told he is a good dinner conversationalist as well. Maybe a feminist can volunteer to have dinner with Haji and report back to us. Maybe even JJ or his private investors can pay for dinner for 2 in Vancouver since Haji has been a loyal contributor for many years now.

So without any further commotion, let’s get this started. I’ll ask the first questions, one question for Hajiagha and one question for feminists.

Hajiagha: Feminists believe modernity is essential in Iran for human rights and women’s rights in particular. Do you believe modernity should be accepted for women in Iran?

Feminists: Hajiagha believes that women should not be equal to men in society because nature created them differently. What can you tell Hajiagha about the need to have equal rights for women?

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