To learn or Not to learn Farsi

Hi everyone,

I would like to get your opinions on why should our children who live in U.S. (or outside of Iran learn Farsi and go to farsi classes).

I have been wondering about this issue for a long time and I am skeptical about sending my children to the local farsi class.

Now, don’t get me wrong-I have nothing against the Iranian culture or traditions and infact I value this beautiful (for the most part) traditions of Eid-wedding ceremonies-mehregan etc .

But looking at it from a practical point of view; will learning farsi make them better Iranians, or better and productive individuals?

Did Dariush and Kourosh speak the same Farsi as we speak-I don’t think so(please feel free to comment about the language of early persians)

Will they speak farsi to one another when they grow up? And to whom?

Will they actually read hafez and ferdowsi and other farsi books?

When I take them to the farsi class, I feel like that lady in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Are we just another group of people in our cocoon?

Why can’t we step out and acknowledge that there is wonderful world out there with people from so many places and different languages and the point is communicating with other people.

So, for our children, why don’t we concentrate on art and music and sports and chess and get to know other citizens of the world.

Open Discussion!

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