The Emigre Generation and Psychological Trauma.

To deny that the emigre generation of Iranians following the 1979 Revolution suffered from psychological trauma by virtue of suddenly finding themselves and their families forced to survive and adapt to a totally unfamiliar and in many cases unfriendly environment, is disingenuous at best. I would be curious to know if any authoritative study or analysis has been conducted by psychologists and sociologists on this phenomenon and what the result of those studies have been: how have Iranian immigrants and their immediate families and subsequent generations been impacted by the sudden change in their environment, how have they dealt with the trauma they have experienced, to what extent has their “Iranian-ness” been compromised and in what manner, what positive and negative trends have been witnessed, and what lessons can be learned to mitigate this trauma in newer waves of immigrants, etc., etc., etc.? Certainly an interesting Ph.D. dissertation topic (particularly with approximately 30 years of available empirical data now available to us) if the subject matter has not yet been properly addressed.

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