The Summer Of 93

It had been raining continuously and the rivers around Saint Louis were rising fast.

Our office in the Chesterfield area was in danger of getting flooded.

I was joking and betting that the floods would not reach our office.

My little miniature long hair dachshund was getting excited with the sound of thunder and was jumping up and down my bed.

I couldn’t stop him. He finally hurt himself and got paralyzed. He couldn’t move his legs.

We took him to the vet and was told that we have to take him to the University of Illinois to receive proper care for his condition.

There was no stop to the falling raining rain, our back yard was full of little frogs jumping all over the place.

First we thought, maybe our little dog had eaten some of the frogs and had gotten poisoned.

We had seen some poisonous frogs in Venezuela which could kill little animals.

My wife called the proper authorities and was told that, there is no poisonous frogs in the state of Missouri.

At least we were not in danger of losing our dog to the poisonous frogs.

Our office and the, whole neighborhood got flooded to over the building roof.

They closed our office and we were asked to take a voluntary forced vacation.

I thought, may be it is a good time for me to go to Iran and settle my parent’s state.

Bought a discount airline ticket which was still a fortune, and went to Chicago to catch my plane from the O’Hara Airport.

The plane was a European made job and looked very nice and big.

There were at least a hundred Iranian families with their rotten and noisy children walking all over the place.

They were going to raise all kinds of hell all the way to Iran.

I was not looking forward to it.

In Iran, they say their mothers think their children have been delivered from the pearls.

I had to listen to their noises, cries, and fights all the way to Vienna.

We had 10 hour lay over in Vienna, and we went into the airport building, which was in repair and construction stage.

Met some other Iranians and asked them to go to town with me. They didn’t have American passports and couldn’t even get out of the International section.

I went out by myself and looked around, there were many restaurants around the place and had their price in their front windows.

The prices were very high, I decided to skip my meal, and wait till they served us meal during the flight.

I went to my airline station and asked them if they had any arrangement for the on the ground passengers meals.†

I was given special ticket and sent to the airport restaurant.

They had cafeteria style arrangement and the food was pretty good.

The Iranian children were loose again and were raising hell.

Their mothers were saying nothing.

The Little angles needed a good spanking, like their fathers and grandfathers.

But the American system of child rearing had turned them into monsters which would be good for prison guards at the “Abu Gharib” prison in Baghdad.

Was thinking of how much fun and joy their grandparents will be having shortly in Iran.

I honestly think that, the Iranian children have been greatly spoiled in America and their parents are creating big headaches for themselves in the future.

One of the kids stuck his hand in a well decorated cake, on the table and his mother was having a delightful conversation with her fellow Iranian passenger.

The poor waiter didn’t know what to do or say, I had to let the mother know she has to pay attention to her precious jewel.

It was so nice that we finally landed at the Tehran International Airport about 2:30 AM.

It was dark, dirty and smelly. Had not come across the Tehran polluted air for some time.

Took the shuttle bus to the building, and saw the not scrubbed floors, and the smelly famous Iranian toilet from a distance.

Yes we were back home, and were ready to be treated like the enemies again.

I can not think why anyone wants to go to Iran, with all the other places around the world which might treat us not as bad.

It must be the Iranian passport and the sense of showing off to the poor people who are stock there.

The return trip was not much better.

I decided it was going to be my last trip, maybe it is just the old age.

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