US can paralize Iran in 48 hours!

When it comes to the very likely possibility of military confrontation with Iran, the US won’t have any trouble paralizing Iran’s defences and military in less that 48 hours. The American air power is mighty and few could resist its wrath and sofisticated weaponery, much less Iran, with its very obsolete and insufficient defence system and air force. US has tested and improved its latest weapons in the last 4 years in Iraq. The latest air defence system Iran bought from Russia won’t help much, simply because Syria had acquired the same Russian system and last month Israel breached it undetected and knocked out a nuclear plant. Besides, the American or Israeli raid can take place from several directions at the same time. Knocking out Iran’s air force would be matter of hours, as Iran has a very limited number of old planes. During the first gulf war more than 140.000 members of the Iraqi army were killed only in 8 weeks. Their sofisticated and large military infrastructure was destroyed completely and all that was done without much effort. Same thing applies to Iran. Some Iranians claim that Iran has 8 years of war experience, forgetting that Iraq had the same experience and above all ignoring that the US military and specially air power might is something of another dimension, something to be avoided at all costs. Chances of such attack on Iran are extremely high and realistic and can happen any time. I guess the IRI is caught in a dead end road, with no exit. The only people who can avoid such attack and the ones that so far have stopped Bush’s administration from doing so, are the heavy weight senior military generals and leaders in the US army who are opposed to such action as they consider this will have bad consequences for everyone. It goes without saying that the regime really wants and needs such a attack as that is the only way they manage to stay in power. In this case you would have an injured animal, much more agressive and wilder than ever that won’t hesitate to squeeze and crush even more, the Iranian people. Others claim that very massive and intensive air srikes could eliminate part of the IRI stablishment, but an attack of such scales and magnitude would only be comparable to what happened to Germany during second world war, which would lead to the desintegration of Iran. None of the military options seems good. For more details as per how the attack on Iran will be carried out check:

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