Life before and after

On the morning of the Sept. 11 I was watching NBC news while putting my cloths on. You know that’s my habit of watching news while half naked, munching my breakfast, or shaving. The news anchor said that there is breaking news coming regarding an object that has hit one of the World Trade Center towers. I thought that it might be a small plane or something that has hit the building accidentally. So I went on my morning rituals, listening to the news in my car and at school via internet whenever I had a chance. When I heard again that another passenger plane has hit the second tower I went nuts, not only me but the whole school went crazy. I skipped my next classes and ran towards my car. By the time I got home all TV stations were showing the torched WTC buildings and after couple of minutes or so they collapsed. My mind got numb. I picked up the phone and called Iran.

Hello, I said…

Mom: Salam how are you?

Not good Mom…

Mom: What happened?

Nothing, couldn’t you resist bombing the USA?

Mom: What?

There are two building burnt to dust today and I am afraid this smoke’s coming from your stove?

Mom: Now you are confusing me. What? Two buildings? How?

No Mom, don’t pretend that you don’t know it. It was horrible.

Mom: I am sure it was but I am sorry I missed the news I had to work in the kitchen all day and I went to sleep later night. I didn’t have any chance to follow the news.

Not a good excuse Mom…Not a good excuse. You’ve got to pay for it. You all should pay for it…Is my brother there?

Mom: Yes. But he is asleep.

Kick his damn ass I want to talk to him…

Mom: Mohsen, what’s wrong with you?

Nothing, do as I said…

My brother picked up the phone. He sounded like a dead man resurrected from the grave just a moment ago.

I said loudly: What the F**k have you done?

Brother: What? He said.

Couldn’t your little bustard sorry ass resist destroying us all?

Brother: Are you OK? You sound like you’ve been up all nights studying for your finals.

Answer me you little piece of shit.

Brother: Man, what do you want from me?

You and your f**king friends are trying to destroy us.

Brother: What friends? My high school friends or my soccer practice friends?

All of you pieces of shit. I tell you this. I know I might be too old for this but I am going to try enlisting myself in the military.

Brother: But you’ve been in the military once in here in Iran and you’ve hated it.

That’s alright. This military is much more advanced. They have laser guided missiles and bombs that have the accuracy of .005% under the “normal operating conditions”. I will bomb you all to see how it feels to mess with my country.

Brother: Boro khoda kheyret bedeh…joore khod mikeshi o mehnate ma midair… (Brb…)

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