Tribute: 1971 Persepolis celebrations

This is a link to the Offical Myspace Tribute page of the 1971 Persepolis celebrations. This is part of a project I and a group of Iranian historians and aristocrats work on. We edit historical pages for historical Iranians on Myspace. This is done partly as a means of quality control, ie to prevent others from puting up defammatory profiles, partly to link up those still alive from the 1971 Persepolis festivities to those on myspace, in order to commemorate this legendary event. If you check the page you’ll see Carl XVI Gustaf of Sverige, Constantine II of Ellas, Sofia of Espana, who attended the event, are linked up there. Also several historical Iranian myspace pages are linked up there as well. Please put this on your site. Also, myself and others chose to remain anonymous in this project.

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