100 Years of Peace and Quiet

All I am asking for is 100 years of peace and quiet with no conflict or conflagration or confrontation, just progress. Imagine that: a country producing approximately 4 million barrels of oil per day and selling it for approximately $100 per barrel (that works out to 4,000,000 x $100 x 365 days = $146,000,000,000 in oil revenues per year, and if you think that is alot consider that Saudi Arabia with a quarter of Iran’s population generates three times as much per year or $438,000,000,000 in oil revenues per year), then creating and executing a well thought out “master-plan” spanning 100 years with no wars, conflicts, etc. to form the most prosperous and advanced society that civilization has ever witnessed. I am convinced that it is possible if a nation has the will for it, and if it plays its cards right, not getting caught up in extraneous events…witness countries like Switzerland and Sweden…witness their prosperity and progress.

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