Who do you hate the most?

Two or 3 years ago I received an email which had email addresses of around 400-500 Iranians in the cc. area. I don’t know if this was sent to me intentionally or by mistake. Nevertheless, since sometimes I have too much time on my hand, I send us “mass emails” to these unfortunate people and ask them for a quick opinion on things. Sort of a micro market research on Iranians living outside Iran. Of course I don’t have any idea about the demographics of this group.

Around 10% of the people who got my first couple of emails asked me to take them off the list and I did. Of these 10%, about a third were very rude in the way they asked, but the rest were very cool about it.

Earlier this week, because of a discussion with a bunch of friends over a nicely prepared Mojito, I sent out an email asking people who they hated the most. I gave them a few examples on how this question can be answered. These were the numbers from 113 responses (113 out of 350 or so is amazingly high by the way). A great number of responses had multiple names and thats why the numbers below don’t add up to 113:

George Bush: 43 (he is the 43rd president too!)

Ahmadinejad: 29

Khomeini: 23

Arabs: 19

Mojahedine Khalgh: 13 (I assumed MKO is these poeple)

Asians: 13 <--Chinese/Japanese etc.

Mexicans: 9

Iranians: 9

Jews: 8

Gays: 5

Bahais: 2

Faramarz Fateh: 1 <--- this could be my wife






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