Ohhh, she said yes!

I posted a “poem” a few days ago, which I think it’s pretty decent compared to the cheese bomb that’s about fly into your face. I wrote this (ehhm) “poem” 18 years ago. I was no teenager. I was how old? 27. This is no poem. This is a very private moment when you are not thinking of anyone other than the object of your affection. You are not thinking that this will be published some day (that may not be entirely true; why did I save it?), that it would be mercilessly judged — especially on these pages! I myself was laughing pretty hard as I was typing it. I mean it’s so embarrassing on so many levels. What saves it though is that I meant every word. It’s the honest zoozeh of a heartbroken man. (Never mind he was back in love a few months later!)

… I need to poke fun at myself. It keeps me semi-sane.


Ohhh, she said yes,
God bless
She’ll have tea
With me

Ohhh, I didn’t know,
Her conscience,
Was as pure as snow
I couldn’t guess,
Her heart,
Was humanity’s nest

Ohhh, what poetry
Ahhh, what prose

Ohhh, I touched her dark shining hair
More did I dare,
I felt her warm eyes
I kissed her cold hands

Ohhh, after years and years,
There were no more fears,
For loneliness,
I shed no more tears

Ohhh, goodbye my ruined home
Ahhh, hello my precious stone


Ohh, was she mine?
Or was it a crime?
God give me time
I see the Devil’s sign

Ooh, I did it
Aah, I begged her consent

Ooh, I as so proud
Flying in thick cloud
The bright sun, the wise moon

Neither could same from doom


Ooh, “Tell me now,”
I told my love,
“Don’t let me down,
Hold me, hold me
My love.”

Oooh, no,
Oooh, no, no, please
Aaah, no,
Aaah, no, no, I’m down on my knees

Ooooh, ooooh
It was true
It was through
She turned away
She had nothing to say

Ooooooh, the fire’s burning me
Aaaaaah, can anyone hear me?

Burned to the bone
Burned to the bone.

21 May 1989

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