A nation with surplus of political pundits and poets!

Historically we had a surplus of poets as opposed to scientists and philosophers etc.

Relax, read the sentence again before your nationalism boils your blood. I didn’t say we did not have scientists I said we had too many poets.

Nowadays, we are blessed with droves of political pundits! Visit Iranian.com a couple of days and you see for yourself!

I wonder if there is such a thing as Indian.com or romanian.com what kind of stuff we can find there?

Don’t get me wrong we are a nation at WAR (any days now?!) and with serious concerns about our homeland.

That’s the full half of the glass. But I just wish to see more of intelligent folks tackling other issues that are important for us as Iranians and the world.

The blogs and articles on this site have become battle ground of a couple of political camps that repeat their slogans again and again. I’d like to see deeper analysis of the issues. Like where do we stand economically today as opposed to 30 years ago. What kind of cultural demons we may have beneath our political misfortunes and alike!

Saying that, we have to appreciate the venue that Iranian.com has created for free exchange of ideas and enabled us

to voice our concerns in public.

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